A corporate identity or brand identity is absolutely central to a company; it identifies and defines what you do. It incorporates a logo plus the visual identity of all materials associated with your company from your website and brochures to letterheads, business cards and signage and should be applied consistently across all to build recognition and create a professional image.


Our Logo Design & Branding services are:

  • Logo Design.
  • Logo Conversion / Logo Repair.

Our Stationery Design services are:

  • Stationery Design.
  • Business Card Design.
  • Letterhead Design.

Our Graphic Design services include:

  • Brochure Design.
  • Flyer Design.
  • Advertising Design.
  • Poster Design.
  • Social Media Design.

Our reputation has been built on delivering quality logo designs at affordable prices with exceptional service. We have clients Spain wide and a talented, experienced team of in-house logo designers who will work with you to create a great logo that works for your business. We have a good understanding of business concepts and branding imagery to create an impactful corporate identity. We pride ourselves on delivering great logos in an efficient and affordable manner.

Our talented designers know you need a professional yet affordable logo. Our logo designers work in a team where brainstorming is required and supervised by a Senior Art Director, and also report to the Creative Director ensuring all designs have at least two pairs of eyes on their creation – all part of our quality assurance. Our website and logo designers get to continuously develop their skills and experience by exposure to our design work flow and the sheer number and variety of clients they get to work with. Thus, making Apps Proyectos Digitales a logical choice as your preferred logo design company.


Some of the fundamentals of our corporate identity design service

Who’s counting?

We work with you and design until you love your logo design. We want you to be happy with the result.

Professional Approach

Our logo designers are supervised by a Senior Art Director and our Creative Director to ensure quality control and that the logo design standard is of the highest quality!


Our professional approach is not going to cost the earth, our designs are very affordable. Unlike cheap logo design templates or logo maker software, your company’s logo will be 100% custom designed.

Thoughtful Experience

We have a lot of clients so our designers have all worked with a huge variety of clients. Your local designer is most unlikely to match our experience, even large design agencies would be unlikely to see the diversity of clients that we have!


We’re routinely described as clever, cool, original, gifted and understanding. We have great designers who live for art and design.


We are proud of the praise we receive from clients all over Spain and also at being recommended by them to others.


We are committed to giving our clients efficient and reliable customer support. We are available for free logo design consultations or to answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions regarding our company or the logo design process, please feel free to contact or call us at +34 915 932 070

We are committed to providing our customers with original logo designs that best suit their company’s needs at a competitive and affordable price. Our logo design team at Apps Proyectos Digitales has had the opportunity to create corporate logo designs for many different types of companies: logo designs for banks, medical and financial institutions, sports logo designs, as well as logo designs for restaurants and technological companies. We have created logo designs for military and government organizations and also create logo designs for specific product marketing as well.

The company logo design field is rapidly growing and expanding. At Apps Proyectos Digitales, we are pride of ourselves on keeping up working by improving our logo design skills, developing new logo styles, and searching for new typefaces and design ideas.

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