How Apps Proyectos Digitales really works?

Is an agency whose speciality is to put the digital world on customers hands for their mobile devices.

We create easy and attractive experiences to generate an optimal result for your business.

We use intuitive designs for a direct communication, also we work with customized webs designs for a better users experience.

Apps Proyectos Digitales reunite professionals who works with multiples solutions: SEO Optimization, SEM and social media managing (Facebook, twitter, google+)

The apps, communication media for smartphones.

Only in Spain, according to the ‘’app date’’ (September 2014), there are 23 million active users who download 3.8 million apps per day. With an average of 39 apss per mobile device.

This indicate a change on the user preferences in terms of the way to search, ratifying mobile apps preferences instead of the traditional webs sites


We bet on the future and we are in continuous technological development. We adapt to new technologies, new media, new ways of communication, new trends…


We create atractive, dinamics and easy going experiences, generating optimum results for your business.

An application (app) to make our customers grow thanks to the new technologies on mobile devices, and these in turn to keep their customers updated at all times with news, products , services, etc.

A responsive web to not lose a customer accessing your website from a smartphone

Your business at the top

do not hesitate, your business needs solutions now


You can have a simple, interactive, fancy and handy digital world at the palm of your hand. Create your business solutions with social media, blogs and online stores.

Mobile devices

We can develop you an app to adapt your necessities for tablets/smartphones and then upload it to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Marketing Online

Use it as a design strategy to improve your SEO. Thanks to the search engines you can recognize all kind of content even quicker and with a solid structure.

Adapt or Die

SMEs and freelancers with IDEAS to turn their business

We know that you will NEVER stop fighting for your business and we want to make that easy for you..

Most probably your company already has a presence on the network, at least, with a «traditional» website. But the habits of users change the pace of technology rapidly.

Today is not enough to «be» on the Internet, users demand good accessibility adapted to different devices.

The figures prove, «81.7% of Internet users reported having used some sort of mobile device to access the Internet», according to the INE October 2014.

Clearly, it is essential that our online presence is adapted to smartphones, the question now: What’s better then one app itself or a responsive web? Well, the two! Each has its advantages and not have any of them, its drawbacks, as we will see.

The digital world at the palm of your hand. Simplicity, interactivity, usability and elegance.

You have no time to decide. Make it easy for us to help you with a new website! We use great quality designs, images and texts to make your products and offers visibility grow.

Your own application

We can develop you an app to adapt your necessities for tablets/smartphones and then upload it to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Free download at national and international level.
Always available on mobile devices.
Distribution through downloads from the App store or via email.
Increased viral marketing: readers can send catalogs to your friends via email or through social networks.
Quick downloading and viewing.
Constant update.

aplicaciones moviles y web responsive para verse en todos los dispositivos

To not lose a customer

A responsive web effectively allows adapting your content to each of the various enabled device.

Google penalizes.
Optimize users experience.
If the user does a search on Google should be able to find us.

Custom design

100% visible on all devices.
Integrated forms.

SEO optimized

Get new clients.
Hosting and domain included.

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