Applications digital projects gives you an opportunity that allows you to give an attractive and dynamic of the products or services your company screen. We put ourselves in tune with the increasing pace of unstoppable market for mobile applications and helps organizations better deploy mobile features to get more customers. Merging our cutting-edge development capabilities coupled with innovative ideas we achieved our goal by providing an outcome that contributes to your organization and the position at the forefront of the production and performance of marketing investments.

WE HAVE EXPERIENCE IN CREATION AND DESIGN OF WEB SITES OF ALL SHAPES AND SIZES FOR COMPANIES OF ALL LEVELS. We pride ourselves on our ability to assume a brand voice EXISTING AND BEAUTY, AND COMMUNICATE effectively with their primary audiences.



If your customers can not find your website on the internet, your business does not exist.

If your customers can not find your website on the internet, your business does not exist.


Applications Digital Projects gives you an opportunity that allows an attractive and dynamic of the products or services of your company screen. We put ourselves in tune with the unstoppable growth of the market for mobile applications and helps organizations deploy the best mobile features to attract more minds. Weaving our development skills leading to innovative ideas, we aim to provide an outcome that contributes to your organization at the forefront of productive marketing and better investment returns.


With its brand application Application Digital Projects, you can send alerts, send a new message, sharing videos and photos, publish interactive event calendars, encourage community participation, coordinating fundraising campaigns, solicit feedback and more- all with a powerful platform built exactly to your specifications.


WE HAVE EXPERIENCE IN BUILDING DESIGN CUSTOM WEB SITES. We are proud of our brand and aesthetics.

  • Mobile Commerce:increase your sales by allowing customers to see your products and make purchases safely through your application
  • Table Reservations: your customers can book a table through your app using platforms like OpenTable and Urbanspoon.
  • Order request: take your content from GrubHub, seamless eat24, and other online services for users to place an order on the way.
  • Generate Coupons: You can send notifications to users in the form of coupons, promotions and special offers.
  • Citation: an easy way for users to book appointments using platforms like Appointy, Booker, Genbok and Schedulicity.
  • About / Contact: be easy for users to learn more about your business or contact you.
  • Click-to-call: users can call directly from the application with the touch of a button.
  •  Amp addresses and displays:via a map the exact location of your business, event or branches so that customers can easily find you.
  • User comments: give users a voice and share your opinions by adding Yelp, Open Table, and other services review.
  • Collections & amp:displays a catalog of your products and services, neatly organized into different categories.
  • Events: it allows users to keep track of your events and sell tickets Evenbrite, Eventful, Songkick, Bandsintown, and more.
  • Tell-a-Fiend:allows users to share your application with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Each of the applications we develop Apps Digital Project is unique in that we want each of our clients is unique. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the set of features and functions supported by our application platform and help you choose what best suits your business depending on your needs.

Our consultants can also help you update your web communication strategy for a more attractive approach in terms of communication.

My application is in the App Store and Play Store, and now what?

After the release of your app, Apps Proyectos Digitales work to ensure that your stakeholders are not only aware of your new communication strategies and commitment, but that also was surprised by the use of your app. Although each marketing kit will be different depending on your particular needs, some common elements include:

  • Special Websites with application information and links to relevant app stores
  • Campaign email marketing and direct mail to raise awareness.
  • Public Relations and writing services (press releases, blog-post).
  • The leaflets, brochures and other print materials.
  • Buttons applications for use on your website so that online stores are linked.

In any process, development and implementation of our work, you can expect exceptional service from our customer support, which is committed to you and your customers squeeze the most from your new application.

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